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Committed to creating the best CBD products on earth

0.00% THC

Flint Tinctures and Vapor contain 0.00% THC. We remove trace elements of THC to ensure peace of mind. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of our broad spectrum hemp oil without the stress of failing a drug test

Lab tested

Each of our products are tested by independent, accredited, 3rd party labs. This ensure you receive a safe, clean product every time you order

high quality inputs

The basis of all Flint products is the highest quality, organically grown, Oregon hemp. 


Flint CBD draws inspiration by tapping the culture, creativity and adventure making the Pacific Northwest famous. We built everything from our production facility to our products to create an experience for everyone.

we exist in a few key moments

Natural world

Be it sending spines or a calm campfire, Flint CBD is a natural way to augment your time outside

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Flint CBD is a part of the process. A tool in the creative kit

Spark your creativity w/ Flint


Either physical or emotional, sometimes we all need a little space. This can be a night at home or catching a film you've been meaning to see. Any other moment that gives pause and room to relax and take a breath

find your space w/ Flint


You don't need a reason to party, but if one shows up, Flint CBD is the perfect way to start the night off or wind the night down

light up the party w/ flint

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