Serene | Flint CBD Vapor Pen
Serene | Flint CBD Vapor Pen

Serene | Flint CBD Vapor Pen

Flint Vapor Serene is part of our effects based blends. Each Serene product is mixed with a calming blend of botanical terpenes. This is designed to compliment our broad spectrum hemp oil by producing a calming feeling through the entourage effect. 

The Flint CBD Vapor is a leak proof, true tasting, long lasting pinnacle. No more dealing with pens that run out of battery, taste burnt half way through or leak their oil in your pocket. The Flint CBD Vapor features a fully sealed and locking glass container, a ceramic, burn proof wick and a 500mah fully rechargeable battery. The industry has a new standard and we couldn't be prouder.  

Each Flint Vapor Pen is a light weight, disposable and filled with 0.5ml of organic, Oregon grown hemp oil containing 250mg of CBD blended with a calming blend of natural terpenes.


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil 
  • Organic Coconut Oil 
  • Flint Serene Terpene Blend

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