Need a snack on your next adventure? Throw our delicious gummy Chews in your pack. Each Chew contains 25mg of Oregon grown CBD and 0.00% THC. These hemp oil based treats can help you recover from a hard day playing outside or just be a nice treat.
The Specifics 
Chews per Bottle30
CBD per Chews25mg
Contains THC?No
Serving Size1 Chew
Onset20-60 minutes

Contains no THC

Our hemp oil goes through a patented distillation process that removes even traces amounts of THC. This provides a 100% Federally legal product that will not fail a drug test

Natural hemp oil

Made with responsibly grown Oregon Hemp. Our broad spectrum hemp oil contains high levels of CBD and other minor cannabinoids guaranteed to provide the best relief possible

Delicious Flavor 

Our gummies have a delicious fruit flavor making them the most enjoyable and easy way to use CBD. Just try to resist eating the entire bottle at once. On second thought, eat them all. You deserve it

Third party tested 

We have all our products tested for potency and purity by State accredited labs so you can purchase worry free. Check out the test results by clicking the link at the bottom of our website

Recover Quicker

Whether you are sending a new route, running a new trail or just worn out from work we all need recovery time. Incorporating CBD into your life as been shown to reduce chronic inflammation, help your body recover naturally and make you feel better

BE happier

  • Anxiety, the buzzword of the modern age. Life is full of reasons to be anxious and anxiety can cause depression and general unhappiness. Using CBD can help you manage anxiety and boost your happiness. Find a new sense of calm with a daily CBD regimen

sleep deeper

Studies have shown that consistent restful sleep is one of the most important things you can do for overall health and longevity. People report that using CBD before bed helps them fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Don't let restless nights keep you from living your best life

Love it! Flint CBD has helped me recover and stay feeling better. I will incorporate it into my routine for life

Nathan Ries - Portland

"These are delicious, I ate them all in 3 days"

Malone Donner - New York

"I take these daily and I've never slept better!"

Swae Lee - California

Why choose us

Fast 'n' Free Shipping

We ship your stuff fast and don't charge anything. Simple as that.

Best hemp products on the planet

We make amazing hemp products and stand behind our work. If you aren't completely satisfied let us know and we will do everything we can do make you happy. 

Support 24/7

If you have any questions email us through the contact page and click that chat link. We are here to help!


Quality product at a great price. I've tried a bunch of different cbd brands but most of them charge $80+ for 1000mg tinctures. You guys have a great product at an amazing price

Tyler Vernon.


I recently had my second ACL surgery, it was rough but it went a lot smoother than the first thanks to Flint CBD. CBD helped me manage the pain and inflammation and recover a lot faster. My physical therapy progressed quicker as a result and I was able to get back outdoors quicker. I highly recommend trying CBD for recovery to any outdoor athlete

Tristan Burnham


As a full time artist, I find my biggest struggle is focusing my thoughts. My imagination runs wild, in every direction 24/7. It’s like if your ADHD had ADHD...Flint Naturals relaxes my body, while simultaneously calming my mind. Allowing me to focus my creative energy, and spend more time in the studio doing what I love

Bryan Miller


Stressful weeks at work are always a killer, especially on my head. I get chronic migraines and last December I started using the Flint vapor pen for situations that trigger my migraines. It relieves tension and stress but kept me sharp enough for work! Life changing!

Alex Fryer


I keep one of these in my backpack at all times. I use it when I'm hiking, skiing or pretty much anytime I'm outdoors. Helps me mellow out and relax

Jamie koser


So thankful for Flint CBD. It's some of the best CBD I've found. Very calming without putting you out. It helps me relax and enjoy the present without stress or anxiety

Danny Kats



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