We are adventurers, wanderers and creatives who believe experiences are the currency of life. We set out to create a brand of CBD hemp products that would enhance our lives, be healthy, sustainable and convenient, and mesh with our lifestyle. 

We drew inspiration by tapping the culture, creativity and adventure making the Pacific Northwest region famous. Simply put, we think we nailed it. 

Our CBD Products: 

We use our products religiously and love them. Because we created products for ourselves, we are constantly innovating and perfecting. We will continue to put out products that are at the forefront of the industry.  

Our products are produced from organic, high CBD hemp grown by local farmers in the Willamette Valley south of Portland, Oregon. We employ unmatched care extracting and processing our CBD to ensure the highest quality CBD oils. Our products are triple tested by industry leading, third-party labs to ensure a clean, healthy product free from THC or harmful chemicals. We care about what goes into our bodies and create products that do not just reach an industry standard but set a new one. 

CBD Vape Pens:

Our CBD vapor products are made with high quality ceramic cores and metal tubes. No plastic or cotton wicks. Each pen is pre-charged and disposable. No charging or buttons to worry about. Simply puff as desired and the battery will last as long as the CBD oil. 

Each of of our pens is filled with 0.5ml of organic hemp CBD oil containing 250mg of CBD and flavored with botanical terpenes. 

CBD Tinctures:
CBD Flower:
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