About CBD

Used for ages, Flint brings a modern flavor to CBD.

What is CBD? 

Flint CBD is sourced from organically grown industrial hemp. CBD is a compound that interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. The series of receptors regulates pain, mood, the immune system, memory, appetite, stress, and other important functions.

Why Use a CBD Vape Pen?

Vaping cannabidiol (CBD) products is one of the best ways to take advantage of their benefits. 

CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid, offering reported benefits in combatting anxiety and depression, inflammation, pain, seizures, and more. People often choose CBD versus THC when they want to help their bodies without experiencing a high. Getting high can be unsettling, uncomfortable, and inconvenient for many people.


When you ingest CBD orally, the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream is only around fifteen percent.

However, when you are vaping or smoking CBD, nearly fifty to sixty percent of the compound will enter your blood circulation. When you vaporize CBD, it enters your lungs and circulates directly thru your entire bloodstream.

Of course, when you ingest it orally, the CBD must first pass through the gut and liver. Liver enzymes break down the concentration of bioactive compounds during an occurrence called the “first pass effect.” When you smoke or vaporize it, though, CBD bypasses this first pass effect, delivering the result you desire much faster and more efficiently.

When you consume CBD, you lose part of it, no matter what. If you consume it orally, you’re looking at about 15 percent bioavailability. In other words, for every 100 milligrams you eat, you get 15 milligrams in your bloodstream. CBD vaping helps with bioavailability by bypassing your gut and liver.

It goes directly into your bloodstream, diffusing from your lungs. This takes bioavailability up to 50 to 60 percent. The direct route to your bloodstream also helps with activating CBD more quickly.

With a higher bioavailability, you can use less product to get the same results. When you compare vaping to other consumption methods, you will find that it is more effective than most.

What Can Vaping CBD Oil Do For You?

Vaping CBD helps offset the loss of bioavailability. Of course, you will also experience the effects of CBD much faster and can consume less product overall.

A 2017 study, Understanding Cannabidiol, shows that of people surveyed, 54 percent use CBD to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Another 35 percent use it to treat migraines. Thirty-two percent use it to treat chronic body pain. Arthritis symptoms are behind 28 percent of users. And 26 percent use marijuana-derived CBD to treat nausea.

Within that study, 59 percent of consumers said that vaping is their preferred consumption method. CBD is popular. Vaping is a popular way to consume it. So, what we offer here is simply the best way to get it done.

What is the best delivery system for CBD rich cannabis? It’s the one that provides the right dose, for the right duration, with the fewest unwanted side effects.

No Test Anxiety
A vast majority of drug tests are testing for THC. Our CBD oil contains no THC.

Flavor Profile
CBD can be mixed with naturally occurring terpenes to create an "entourage effect". This allows consumers to tailor their CBD use and achieve a multitude of different effects on the body

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